The tragic saga of a strong spiked coffee’s night.
Served by themselves and by their puppets.
The best menu ever served in this house.
Soup, main course, bread, wine, coffee, dessert and a delicious dance.
(Cover charge included).
Sitting at the table, two lads are resting, looking at each other within the emptiness of a pause for a nap. The radio is on and the Captain is sleeping.
There are customers arriving while others are leaving. They come for the usual meal or simply for a shot of bagaço.
Sometimes it is possible to have a close look of the cook, a french styled gentleman whose life is embedded in a closet whose doors open into a universe of knives and meat cutters, of scissors and other tools of dubious usefulness. But he is a master of the illusion of cutlery, transforming his pommes de terre into extravagant and delicious gourmet dishes.
Some other times the boss, a cock with a german accent, shows up, a vertigo element with his hasty daily habit of making a fuss.
We see a table, two benches and a closet. These objects outline this small world where the customers, the workers and the boss (and also a couple of acrobatic dancers, what a delight to our old Captain) all share the pleasure of sitting at the table.
Two Russians leave, crooning after having known the wonders of a vodka called bagaço.
The captain leaves without paying, horrified with the last skeleton dish that he got served with.
We’re not really sure about the dancers: they have possibly gone dancing to another neighbourhood restaurant or may have remained hidden inside the Captain’s dreams.
The boss-cock ends up roasted in the kitchen’s oven while
The cook sings, hailing his own fatal revenge blow.
And the lads stay there. They are waiting for the next customers, for the following day, for somebody to show up. They are there precisely for that, to serve, to give their time to whoever may also have time to share. Always calm and gentle. Always willing to give a little of their small ceremonies.
A show conceived in order to have a close relation with the audience (small auditoriums, clubs stages and similar venues), allowing them to listen to the actor’s breathing.
The respiration of the puppet’s members and joints and of the puppet-manipulation-manipulator relation. To praise and demystify the mechanism.
Creation and performance: João Calixto and Tiago Viegas
Project, scenography and puppets: João Calixto
Staging: Pedro Santiago Cal

Production: João Chicó
Light Design and Technical Direction: Alexandre Coelho
Video and Photography: Frederico Lobo
Graphic Design: Pedro Sá Machado

Premiere and Tour between 2007 and 2009
in Co-Production with FIAR - Festival de Artes de Rua Palmela

Partner: Lisbon Dance Company
Acknowledgements: Nuno Tomaz, Mathieu Matik, Conceição Ferreira, Nathan Lively, Sérgio Milhano, Chapitô, Paté Filmes, Teatro O Bando, Nicolas Brites, Ofecena, Olivia Prieto Vergara
- 28, 29 July. FIAR7. Palmela’s International Festival of Street Arts.
- 24, 25, 26 de August. CCB’S Out of Itself, Belém Cultural Centre, Lisbon.
- 29 September. Douro Wine Villages Festival, Provesende.
- 22 October. Norwich International Festival of Puppet Theatre, England.
- 6, 7, 8 December. Incrível Club, Piajio-Ass.Cult., Incrível Almadense, Almada.
- 2 and 3 May. Festival de Teatro de Calle de Vila Real, Valencia, Spain.
- 19 May. Festival Internacional de Marionetas e Formas Animadas 8, Museu da Marioneta, Lisbon.
- 6 June. Centro Cultural Vila Flôr, Guimarães
- 7 June. Teatro Miguel Franco, Leiria.
- 24 August. Festival de Teatro de Setúbal,Setúbal.
- 27 May. Festival Internacional de Teatro Valladolid, Espanha.
- 23 May. Festival Internacional de Marionetas e Formas Animadas 10, Museu da Marioneta, Lisboa.
-17 September. Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto 2010.

- 12 February. Festival Mar-Marionetas, Espinho.
- 12 June. IV Encontro de Marionetas, Montemor-o-Novo.
- 8 October. Cine-Teatro do Sobral de Montagraço.
- 22 October. Cinema-Teatro Joaquim d'Almeida, Montijo.
- 25 November. Cine-Teatro S.Pedro, Abrantes.
- 26 November. Cine-Teatro S. Pedro, Alcanena.
- 27 November. Fórum Cultural José Manuel Figueiredo, Moita.

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